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Koelle Tournament Rd 4

In the 'A' section, Gary Voigt met Patrick Cook in a French, Exchange. The game slumbered along until Patrick decided to have some fun and sacrificed a Bishop for 3 pawns. He missed a nice defence by Gary and was then overwhelmed by a savage counterattack. Joel Beggs faced Rob Loveband in a Sicilian, Dragon. It was a feisty, sharp, unbalanced game from which Joel emerged victorious after Rob blundered an exchange. Bas van Riel met Leonard Goodison in a complicated Spanish. Leonard fought hard but fell to a nicely timed King side attack. Sean Macak took on Scott Stewart in a London System. In an interesting positional game, Scott won a pawn and eventually the game after pushing it through to Queen. Kevin Perrin versus Andrew Vincent was an open Sicilian. In a feisty game Andrew stumbled and Kevin then finished him off in style! Jamie Brotheridge faced James Eldridge in another Sicilian Dragon. It was a sharp, tactical game that never quite strayed from equality and was agreed a draw. Patrick Lenne met Leo Kalina and Patrick wheeled out his favourite Sokolski (1.b4...?!). He won a pawn in the middle game and seemed on track for a win, but stumbled badly in the endgame to hand the point to Leo. James Watson took on George Maksacheff, returning to the Club after nearly 40 years!! (Welcome back). In a Nimzo-Indian James found a nice tactical shot in the early middle game that gave him a firm grip on the position that he never let go of, and made it count. Adeepa Keerthiratne faced newcomer Paul Dao in a Spanish. Tactical alertness by Adeepa won him a piece and he finally gained the reward for his enterprising play in the tournament. Ruari Coffey and Ben Naughton took half point byes. In the 'B' section the 2 leaders, Kalen Douglas and Dylan Douglas fought each other to a stand still after a French Exchange.

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Speedster Monday Swiss 5mins + 0secs 7 rounds all welcome at 7:30 pm

Monday Rapid results

Go Baron! no losses out of the 4 games of the truncated 5 rd Swiss.

Club League

There's talk about a season 2 of the club's league. No dates or format has been discussed yet but a registration form is available. Are we in for a second season?

Tell Scotty

The Confession

The prisoner raised his bloodshot eyes,

Each person held his breath.

Your Honour, I confess my crime.

I did this man to death.


His trembling hands were tightly clasped,

All stretched their ears to hear

The wretched villain’s whispered words

He wiped away a tear.


Your Honour, Will you hear my tale?

I want but little time.

And I’ll explain what prompted me

To do this awful crime.


His Honour gravely bowed his head

“You’re free now to confess”

The prisoner sighed, and sadly said

“It came through playing chess.


Each night I played down at the Club,

I played till cares grew dim.

But one thing came and spoiled my fun,

And that one thing was –HIM....

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Michael Schreenan

It is my sad duty to report that Club member Michael Schreenan passed away on May 26, 2020. Michael had a severe Acquired Brain Injury which made life very difficult for him, but certainly did not deter him from living life to the full. He was quite a character, with an impish sense of humour. He joined the Chess Club in 2002, and was so impressed with the members and atmosphere that he soon after nominated the Club for a Community Award.

Michael liked to play sharp, tactical chess, and although not one of the strongest players he could be extremely dangerous, claiming the scalps of many of the Club's best players, including Kevin Perrin and Patrick Cook.
The Club extends its condolences to Michael's family and friends. He will be missed.
Patrick Cook,
President, Ballarat Chess Club

Watch Michael's Memorial Video here.

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Coaching via Zoom &

The timetable for the junior chess coaching is: Simon: Wednesdays starting at 6pm from the 8th/4
Jasan and Ruari: Fridays starting at 6pm from the 10th/4

Head coach Simon Rutherford has contacted all students and it is hoped that sessions will be able to start again shortly. If anyone else wishes to join the junior coaching sessions then please contact Simon on . Any adult player can also contact either Simon or Kevin and we will assess if there is sufficient interest in holding sessions for adult players.

Junior Coaching

The Junior Coaching sessions with Simon, Jasan and Ruari have resumed online and we are now taking enrolments for Term 2. If anyone wishes to join Term 2 then please contact Simon on . You do not need to have completed Term 1 to join Term 2.

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BMI venue

To all members and chess players

 The Club Committee has held a meeting via Zoom and discussed various matters including when the club may be able to resume regular meetings and arrangements for the 2020 Koelle Tournament. 

In relation to resumption of meetings at the BMI, the unanimous view was that a cautious approach to face to face matches should continue at present whilst there is a possibility of a second wave of Covid 19 infections in the community. The committee decided to conduct the Koelle Tournament as an online event this year. As that tournament will start this Thursday and conclude on 13th August it is not expected that regular meetings at the BMI will be resumed until at least 20th August at the earliest. The committee will advise members further on this matter prior to that time. The junior coaching program will continue online as well.

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For info re coaching, junior tournaments, study resources etc.. visit the Ballarat Junior Chess Club pages.

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 New to Chess?


A great site for learning the basics from a cool video, improving your chess with puzzles, and playing against QWERTY the chess computer, check out
How to write down your games - Chess notation made easy here!

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Coffee and Chess

Homeground on Sturt St next to BMI, Frangos up from Myers, and The Building at 30 Main Rd now all have chess sets donated by BCC, available for use by patrons - have a coffee and a game! Below, Kevin and grandson, Monty, enjoy a game in the sun! Rob has an the ongoing challenge match with Patrick.

Bas' Chess Columns

From April 1991 until March 1993, Bas wrote a fortnightly chess column for the Ballarat Courier. Read them here