Help with Chess

Probably the best site for players from the learner to intermediate levels would be: The ChessKid site (part of

For an introductory video: Learn to play chess

For puzzles: Test your chess skills

To play a computer (various levels) online: Play QWERTY

How to write down your moves: Chess Notation

Chess Coaching in Ballarat

There are several options for group or individual coaching in Ballarat, or online.
Chess Ideas (in Melbourne but Rob Bailey coaches locally as well)
Chess Kids (also in Melbourne - Ruari Coffey is a local contact for Chess Kids)
Central Highlands Chess (FM Simon Rutherford is based around Ballarat & Hepburn shires) Flyer download

Some other sites:

Chess Rules

Chess Variants - The rules of chess

The Rules of Chess for Kids

FIDE handbook

Chess is fun

So you wanna learn how to play chess?

US Chess Federation - Let's Play Chess