Barrow - van Riel Shield


The idea of a Ballarat versus Bendigo challenge match along the lines of our annual Fletcher-Morrow match against Geelong has been floating around for several years, and after Kevin Perrin’s gentle coaxing over the past few months, the match finally was agreed upon. A shield has been ordered, and the two Clubs settled on Barrow–van Riel Challenge to honour two members who have been important to the history of both clubs.

Nigel Barrow has been a stalwart figure at Bendigo Chess Club for many years, but was a regular figure at Ballarat Chess Club in the early 1990’s as a junior. Likewise, Bas van Riel has made a major contribution to the life of Ballarat Chess Club over a long period, but was a member of Bendigo Chess Club in the early 1990’s as well. He managed to win the championship of both club’s, simultaneously, in 1993! A remarkable achievement.


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Ballarat Bendigo Challenge

The Barrow - van Riel Shield

The annual match between Ballarat and Bendigo chess clubs, named in honour of Bas van Riel and Nigel Barrow, two significant members of both clubs. The inaugural match was played in May 2018, in Bendigo at Toorak House.

The Bendigo Club house - Toorak House, and The Ballaarat Mechanics' Institute