Eureka Tournaments

Initially set up as a Christmas weekend tournament in 2008 by Chris Segrave, the name was changed to the Eureka Tournament the following year, and it ran annually until 2011, with 2010 cancelled due to low numbers.

Nine participants, all in good yuletide cheer, are competing this weekend for a Sovereign Hill Hamper and a half dozen local reds. Nigel Barrow; overall winner, Rob Bailey reserves winner. Due to the great success of this inaugural tournament, we will be keeping it as a regular part of our yearly programme.

There are only two games in the database, and no crosstable yet!

First "Eureka" Tournament

It's all about chess... well, and the stuff in the photo below! This year's Eureka Tournament went off without a hitch thanks to the capable organising skills of Pat, Kevin and Chris. A record number of 17 participants, including two late entries playing 3 rounds only, ensured a well fought, lively tournament. Nigel Barrow defended his title but had to concede to sharing the honours with Bas van Riel, who also only gave away two half points for a 5 out of 6 result. Ballarat juniors Angus Blenkiron and Chris Darveniza, as well as the usual suspects from the Club, benefited from some tough competition, with both Nigel and John Lavery travelling in from out of town, and some old members such as Bas, Geoff Davis and Rod Jacobs all bringing their depth of experience to the tourney. Kevin Perrin and Peter Miitel shared third prize and the Sovereign Hill box of goodies, James Eldridge took out the Door Prize uncontested, and the Arbiter's Bottle (supplied by Kevin) went to Patrick Cook. The tournament was enjoyed by all, and we hope to run it again next year, and preferably in our current room at the Central Highlands Library. Thank you to all participants, mothers of participants, organisers and Sovereign Hill.





There are two games in the database; Kevin Perrin vs Patrick Cook 1-0, and John Lavery vs Rob Loveband 0-1

2009 Eureka Tournament Photos

Round 3: Pat ponders while Jamie calculates...

Rod plays a temporarily distracted Chris, Jamie faces Tom, Joel leans back as Peter thinks,
Geoff vs Rob at the window.

Bas and Nigel, top rated players for the tournament, battle it out in Round 3.

Joel feels a bit blurry...

Teacher, Rob Bailey vs Student, Chris Darveniza. Nigel and Peter prepare to start, while Patrick is already on the way to his draw with Bas.

Kevin reviews his opening as John Lavery looks on. Chris Segrave faced a lineup of tough opponents!

Geoff Davis snaps the clock as Rod continues on his way to a decent 3 out of 6.

Patrick works to ensure a draw with same colour bishops as John looks on.

Nigel can't crack Pat's defense and only comes away with 0.5

Bas gives Chris a lesson in the Sicilian. A small oversight on about move 6 causes Chris to double his pawns and gives Bas what he needs to plan and execute a win.
Chris had a great tourney to end the year.

A blurry round 5. Chris' opponents' average rating was above 1500, providing a somewhat arduous journey for him, with no easy games on the way!

Geoff doesn't look happy!

Rod plays to the line... with his King in opposition, Nigel cleans up the pawns for a win.



2011 Eureka Tournament Photos

Rob Bailey has the hat. Nigel Barrow needs the hat. Chris Segrave nearly sees the light..

Patrick Cooks searches for inspiration.

Joel Beggs on the way to equal first place.

Tom Oppenheim plays Rob Gunn who eventually took the point.

White's knight forays into black territory

Chris Segrave focuses

then moves, while Nigel ruminates

How can this happen?! Where did it come from?! Patrick laments.

Rob Loveband turns down a draw offer

then offers one himself

Chris very nearly teaches Rob a lesson until his Queen is pinned by a Rook

There are 6 games in the Eureka 2011 database