2018 Arthur Teters Memorial

Tournament Winners: Bas van Riel, Rob Loveband

Round 7

In a dramatic final round, the leader Rob Loveband was defeated by rampaging Jamie Brotheridge, while Bas van Riel overcame Rodney Jacobs, so Rob shares the title with Bas. Meanwhile, Sean Macak faced unbeaten Chantelle Barnett for the Reserves title, and he profited from a rare blunder by Chantelle; President Patrick Cook was probably lucky to defeat Secretary Anna Yates; Louis Douglas fell to Caitlin Barnett; and Peter Wang defeated promising junior Justin Goodison. Leading final scores: Rob Loveband & Bas van Riel 6, Jamie Brotheridge 5.5, Patrick Cook & Sean Macak 5

Anna playing Patrick, Gabriel played Tom, and Bas outplayed Rod for a share in the title.

Round 6

With one round to go, Rob Loveband has secured at least a share of the title after brushing aside Ruari Coffey. Bas van Riel remains in with a chance after defeating Peter Miitel. Meanwhile, several of our juniors are continuing to show very good chess skills. Sean Macak kept Patrick Cook honest with an excellent draw after good preparation. Chantelle Barnett punished Harrison Harrison’s eccentric opening play, and remains unbeaten! Kalen Douglas showed his promise with a fine win over Michael Schreenan, while his older brother Louis bounced back with a win over Matthew Pace.

Leonard plays Dan, Rob focuses against Ruari, and Sean faces the "drawmeister" Patrick.

Round 5

The 2018 Teters Memorial is reaching the pointy end, and Rob Loveband has charged to the lead after an excellent win over Patrick Cook. High flying juniors Louis Douglas and Sean Macak met each other with Sean emerging victorious in a fighting game. Chantelle Barnett showed high class technique in a rook and pawn ending to hold Peter Wang to a draw, and remains unbeaten! Kalen Douglas played very well against Rodney Jacob’s power chess before falling for a trick; and Ruari Coffey produced a nice smothered mate to defeat Harrison Harrison. Rob Loveband leads with 5/5, Bas van Riel and Ruari Coffey follow on 4/5, and Sean Macak heads a pack of players on 3.5/5.

Peter vs Chantelle, Ruby vs Anna, and Bas faces Jamie

Round 4

The strong run of the juniors stalled in round 4 when Sean Macak was outplayed in a lively game by Jamie Brotheridge, and Louis Douglas fell into a trap after initially getting the better of Patrick Cook. Chantelle Barnett did very well to hold Robert Bailey to a draw. At the top of the table, Rob Loveband now leads with 4/4 after a fine victory over top seed Bas van Riel.

Sean Macak meets Jamie Brotheridge, and Louis Douglas faces Patrick Cook

Round 3

The junior players had some mixed results this round. On the upside, experienced chess coach Robert Bailey was held to a draw by his student(!) Sean Macak, and Louis Douglas stunned his opponent Kent Baden to score a great win. Leonard Goodison fell to Gabriela Marquez, and Justin Goodison was taught a lesson by Kevin Perrin. Other notable results were Anna Yates’ excellent win over Tom Oppenheim, and Chantelle Barnett’s draw versus Michael Schreenan. Bas van Riel and Rob Loveband lead with 3/3.

Round 2

Juniors continue to do well in the tournament! Sean Macak dispatched veteran Ian Boyle, while Louis Douglas held professional coach Robert Bailey to a draw. Patrick Cook had to work hard to overcome Caitlin Barnet, and Rob Loveband conjured an aesthetically pretty mate against Kevin Perrin. All the other games went more or less as expected.

Teters Round 1

35 players have entered the Arthur Teters Memorial 2018, including 2-time Club Champion Peter Miitel, returning to the Club after a lengthy period away. This is a fantastic turnout for this prestigious event. Since it is a Swiss tournament, the first few rounds tend to see mismatched pairings, leaving plenty of room for upsets. And we got 2 major upsets: first, Chantelle Barnett brilliantly defused Rodney Jacobs’ aggressive play to score a great victory (see games), and second, Sean Macak defeated a perhaps rusty Peter Miitel. That two of our up and coming juniors can score impressive wins against experienced Champions, bodes well for the future of chess in Ballarat. All the other games went according to rating, except for Matthew Pace scoring a forfeit.

Arthur Teters Memorial

This year's tournament begins on August 2nd, and is a seven round Swiss tournament. Arthur was a past Ballarat Champion and also previous Australian Open winner. In 2015 we began using an old analog clock donated by Bill Hoffman as our trophy.

Last year the tournament was won by Harrison on 6.5 out of 7 points. There will be many competitors vying to hold the clock for the year - come a little early and register for the tournament and a chance to be the next Teters Champion!

Tentative pairings shown below could be subject to change

For the past decade or so, the period between the annual Club Championships, for the Andy Miitel shield and John Baynham shield, has been filled with non-descript rapid play tournaments. At the suggestion of some club members, a new annual 7 round Swiss, games to be rated, was devised. All that remained was to give it a name. After a great deal of discussion, it was finally agreed to honour a past Ballarat player who has faded, almost to obscurity, in our collective memories. Arthur Teters was part of the great wave of post-war immigration to Australia of Baltic chess players. He arrived in Australia in 1950 and won the Australian Open in Melbourne in 1953, before settling in Ballarat in 1954. It can be established that he won the Ballarat Club championship in 1954 and 1957, and possibly several other years as well. He was elected President of the Club shortly after arriving here and played successfully for the Club in numerous inter-city matches. His other OTB achievements included winning the Country Victorian championship in the 1950’s, and then the Victorian State championship in 1965, no doubt after he had returned to live in Melbourne. Upon his arrival in Ballarat, he had told the “Courier” that a highlight of his youth was holding the World Champion to a draw in a simultaneous exhibition in Riga. The Champion could only have been Mikhail Botvinnik, a notable achievement indeed. He was also a strong and active CC player, winning the Victorian Correspondence Chess championship in the 1950’s and representing Australia in a CC Olympiad. By a curious coincidence, the current President of the Club, Patrick Cook, played against Mr. Teters a number of times in the 1970’s and ‘80’s, without ever knowing of his connection to Ballarat chess. So, it is important that he not be forgotten and this new tournament is an appropriate salute to a past Ballarat champion.