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2008 Victorian Country Chess Championship won by
Stewart Booth   cross table below

Group Shot - division winners Stewart and Kevin with trophies in hand

Bas v Stewart - Max tries to hide his excitement in the background

Dr Booth v Dr Schepisi

Fedinuw v Van Riel

He'll be tougher next year - Mario Zoppi (Geelong) on the right


2008 Crosstable

No. Name Rating From Total Rounds 1 - 6
Booth, Stewart  2112 Sea Lake        5.5  7:W  2:W 17:D 10:W  6:W  5:W
Schepisi, David 1664 Bendigo         4.5  15:W  1:L 14:W 13:W  3:D  4:W
Cook, Patrick   1581 Ballarat        4    18:W 10:D  4:W  5:D  2:D  6:D
Lenne, Patrick  1596 Ballarat        4    21:W  8:W  3:L 11:W  9:W  2:L
Bruere, Mark F 1962    4    14:W 11:W  6:D  3:D 10:W  1:L
Van Riel, Bas   1808 Ballarat        4    23:W 12:W  5:D 17:W  1:L  3:D
Perrin, Kevin J 1519 Ballarat        4    1:L 15:W 22:W  9:L 13:W 11:W
Barrow, Nigel   1878 Bendigo         4    16:W  4:L 10:L 20:W 18:W 12:W
Mollard, Max J  1605 Bendigo         4    19:W 17:L 18:W  7:W  4:L 16:W
10 Zoppi, Mario    1763 Geelong         3.5  24:W  3:D  8:W  1:L  5:L 17:W
11 Lavery, John    1730 Castlemaine     3    20:W  5:L 16:W  4:L 17:W  7:L
12 Feduniw, Terry  1579 Geelong         3    22:W  6:L 13:L 15:W 14:W  8:L
13 Bailey, Robert  1447 Ballarat        3    17:L 19:W 12:W  2:L  7:L 20:W
14 Loveband, Rob   1514 Ballarat        3    5:L 20:W  2:L 19:W 12:L 18:W
15 Swytzer, Swytzar 966  Ballarat        3    2:L  7:L 23:W 12:L 19:W 22:W
16 Anton, Sarah    1451    3    8:L 21:W 11:L 22:W 23:W  9:L
17 Babic, Zoran    1815 Geelong         2.5  13:W  9:W  1:D  6:L 11:L 10:L
18 Webb-Liddle, Miranda 680    2    3:L 24:W  9:L 21:W  8:L 14:L
19 Lawson, Jake      2    9:L 13:L 24:W 14:L 15:L  0:W
20 Cameron, Jesse      2    11:L 14:L 21:W  8:L 22:W 13:L
21 Horner, Alex      Latrobe Valley  2    4:L 16:L 20:L 18:L  0:W 23:W
22 Mills, Terence  372  Bendigo         1    12:L 23:W  7:L 16:L 20:L 15:L
23 Vearing, Joel       1    6:L 22:L 15:L  0:W 16:L 21:L
24 Nachmann, Max       0    10:L 18:L 19:L  0:   0:   0:






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