Ballarat Bendigo Chess Match 2018
BvR2018Group  Outside Toorak House for the inaugural match BvR9  Leigh opens the match BvR8  Nigel busy preparing the draw
BvR1  Getting underway BvR2  The club room, Bendigo BvR4  Some tough games
BvR6  Bas starting off BvR7  and they're off! BvR18a  Concentrating
Toorak House Club Room  Players working hard View from above  View from above Captains duel  Captains duel
BvR5  Last game to finish, the team captains Nigel Barrow  Nigel Barrow David Lumsdon  David Lumsdon
Rob Bailey  Robert Bailey David Schepisi  David Schepisi Patrick Cook  Patrick Cook
Leigh Healey  Leigh Healey Rob Loveband  Rob Loveband Captain Rod  Captain Rod
BvRShieldPumpkin  Pumpkin of Honour courtesy of Ken Post match celebrations  Post match pizza BvRGroup2  Barrow van Riel players