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Time Handicap results

Time Handicap results: Equal 1st on 4.5 points were Ruari Coffey, Rod Jacobs, Sean Macak and Peter Wang. Equal 5th on 3.5 points were Patrick Cook, Harrison and Dan Wang.Equal 8th on 3 points were Tom Oppenheim and Leonard Goodison (3 out of 3, absent second week). There were 26 players in total.

Club Championships

Over the next two weeks, please register your interest in playing in the club championships (A, B and C Levels) to the Director of Play, Kevin Perrin. Entry is free, the event is rated with the ACF, and it will run over 11 sessions, with a two week break towards the end (see the yearly schedule for dates.)

Many Club Champions first won in the Reserves before going on to make it in the A Grade, so keep working to be in the top 12 rated players in the club so you can have a shot at being the Club Champion. The current Champion, Heath Gooch, will not be participating and the top seed is likely to be Bas van Riel. Caitlin Barnett, being the 2018 Reserves winner, automatically gets a seat in the main event.

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Congratulations to Chess Champs Leonard Goodison- 2019 U12 Rapid Play Champion of Victoria!!!🏆 and Justin, 3rd in the U11s 🏆

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Blitz and Time handicap

4th April Blitz #2 - Jamie and Harrison 5.5 of 7

11th and 18th April - Time Handicap tournament -format and rules available here.

Warm up with chess - Winter is coming!

Ballarat Mechanics Institute - Thursdays from 6:30pm Read More

Club Championship rules 2019

The Club Championship is the major tournament played over 11 weeks, starting 25th April and concluding on 27th June. There has always been healthy debate about the details of the rules, and revisions are made to try to keep up with the changing playing environment, and to best accommodate our members' needs.

Have a look at the recent proposed changes made to the Club rules relating to all of our tournaments over the year. The changes will be considered at the meeting on 18th April at 7:30 p.m. The full document is here.

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Coffee and Chess

Homeground on Sturt St next to BMI and Frangos up from Myers both now have chess sets donated by BCC, available for use by patrons - have a coffee and a game!

Time Handicap rules and format

29/3/19: Interschool tournament at Ballarat Clarendon College

ChessKids hold tournaments for schools throughout Victoria over the year, and the the first one was run successfully at College at the end of March. 38 open secondary, 45 middle year, and 82 primary students filled the Sewell Pavillion with the sound of thinking and the tap of chess clocks. Chess in Ballarat is growing fast! The Tornelo results page can be accessed here.. Tornelo

In the senior division, Ballarat Chess Club players dominated with Sean Macak (Mt Clear College), coming through unscathed with a perfect 7 point score, followed by Louis and Dylan Douglas (College) on 5.5. College's team took the group medal, with their top four players scoring 21 points, only 1 point ahead of the Mt Clear team.

In the middle year section, College overwhelmed Mt Clear, Trinity Colac and Bacchus Marsh Grammar, with Ballarat Chess Club player Kalen Douglas being one of 4 players with perfect scores. The teams gold and silver both went to College teams.

In the largest section, the primary school level, our two club players, Justin and Leonard Goodison (Mt Blowhard) took gold and silver respectively, and their team, including Cameron Frame, earned the Teams medals. Justin was the only player on a perfect score.

Mt Clear won the silver team medal, Deegan looking dapper in his top hat, Yuri departs stage right.

Spielvogel Memorial Winner: Rod Jacobs - undefeated

Rodney Jacobs had rampaged through the first 6 rounds, and the only question was whether the “drawmeister” Patrick Cook could stop him. And stop him he did, in a careful manoeuvering game that ended in a draw. Jamie Brotheridge had meanwhile demolished a careless Kevin Perrin in an effort to profit from any slip by Rod. Rob Loveband defeated Sean Macak, making it clear that his dreadful start to the tournament was an aberration. Peter Wang couldn't cope with Harrison Harrison; Ruari Coffey brushed aside Dan Wang; Bas van Riel defeated an in-form Ben Naughton; and Andrew Wang fell to new member John Acxel. Several juniors started the tournament quite well, but were unable to maintain the pace : Tom Oppenheim took down Dylan Douglas, while Leonard Goodison disposed of Dylan's brother Kalen. So, Rodney Jacobs won the Spielvogel Memorial tournament for the first time, with Jamie Brotheridge 2nd, and Harrison Harrison, Rob Loveband, and Ruari Coffey sharing 3rd with 5 points.

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Begonia Open and U1200

We have a winner!

Two actually! GM Moulthun Ly and IM Stephen Solomon share first prize with 6 out of 7 in this year's Begonia Open. The new U1200 had 60+ participants and was won by Nathan Kong and Mohan Thandi.
Big thanks to Bill, Mike & Ruby, Eef, Josephine & Jason, Tom and all others who did a stint on the phones or canteen! Much appreciated!

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Spielvogel Memorial

Round 5 sees Rodney Jacobs consolidate his lead, undefeated, now a full point ahead of the pack. He will have to defeat Harrison in Rd 6 to hold his position - Harrison just had a great tournament at the Begonia Open, being the Club's top scorer. Rod will have his work cut out for him!

Round 6 on Thursday - all welcome. Come early for casual chess from 6:30 pm on!

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Recognise these faces?

The weekend of the 53rd Ballarat Begonia Open Chess Tournament is approaching fast! 37 years ago the members above were preparing for the big day, much as we do today; the committee meets regularly throughout the year, players and arbiters are contacted, venue and accommodation booked, amongst the myriad of details that have to be taken care of. Read the article here.

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Update! 2019 Schedule

17 January - Blitz #1 - 7 rounds of 5 minute chess. Speed up to start the year.

24 January and 31 January: Rapid Play 1, 25mns + 10 secs, 1 section: 7 round Swiss

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Australian Open Chess Championship 2019

8 current Ballarat Chess Club players participated in the Australian Open Chess Tournament held in Ashwood at the Box Hill Chess Clubrooms over the period between Christmas and the New Year. Bas, Patrick, Rob and Ruari played in the Open section, while Ben, Sean, Leonard and Justin participated in the Minor section. In the Open section, Ruari scored highest with 5 points and took out =1st in the U1800 section! In the Minor, Sean scored 5.5 followed by Leonard on 5 - a great result! Young minds dominated at all levels, challenging veterans and each other in both sections. There were no easy points to be had and draws were seldom accepted - it was to the death!! For the full results see the Open web site. There is a game database here for Ballarat players' games.

Some more pictures from the tournament

Australian Junior Championship 2019

Leonard and Justin Goodison will be competing in the Australian Junior Chess Championships in Sydney, to be held at Trinity Grammar School pictured above. Monday 14th to Tuesday 22nd, it's a long tournament but with a variety of activities to take part in. More information and entry can be found at the official web site here.

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Ballarat Chess returns

17 January - Blitz #1 - 7 rounds of 5 0 chess. All welcome.

24 January - Spielvogel Memorial Rd 1 begins.
Always hotly contested -last year Patrick won, followed by Ruari a half point behind.

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