Begonia Open

Every March

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Country Chess

VRCL Championship

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Ballarat Chess Club - chess for everyone!

Blitz it

Blitz tourney #4 is on next Thursday. Seven rounds of 5 0 games will test your concentration levels!

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Team Chess

As proposed by Cassandra Barnett, we split into 4 teams of four and played two team games, no clocks, lots of discussion - as it turned out in one game, the three best moves of the winning side were made by the junior players! Angus Blenkiron made an appearance, taking some time from a busy school schedule, as did regular, Rauri Coffey. Team Harrison managed to take down Team Bas, and Team Rob won against Team Rod in a feisty, dangerous game, an Albin counter gambit. The discussions encouraged lots of learning and fun rivalry. See the game here.

Teters Memorial

Bas van Riel triumphs!

After 7 hard fought rounds, on 6.5 points, congratulations go to the winner of the 2016 Arthur Teters Memorial, Bas van Riel, for the second year running. Most of Bas' games are annotated and definitely worth a look if we are to have a chance at challenging our highest rated player for the points! The stand out performance was from a player initially ranked 32nd who ended up coming equal fifth on 4 points - Caitlin Barnett. Cassandra, Caitlin and Rauri were all juniors who achieved 4 points, a great result for them, as they took some scalps on the way! Read more

Leave the weekend of the 15th & 16th October free as the 2016 Victorian Country Chess Championship is being held at the Girl Guides Hall, 33 Myers St, Geelong.

Always an enthusiastically contested weekend of chess, country players test their mettle in 6 rounds of classic 90m + 30s games.

Download an entry form here, and read about this year's and previous tournaments on the VRCL site.

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Rapid / Blitz Chess ratings

Jasan has worked out some unofficial Rapid and Blitz Ratings... what are yours?

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Fletcher Morrow Shield

Sunday afternoon at the Ballaarat Mechanics Institute, 11 chess players from Geelong met Ballarat players for the annual Fletcher Morrow Shield match. The outcome of the match was a win for Geelong, 6 points to 4, and a good time was had by all!

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The new face of chess in Ballarat

With an influx of younger players, both boys and girls, the club is becoming a lively, well connected community hub every Thursday night. Moving the starting time to 7:30 has suited our younger players who often come in at 6:45 and finish before 9:00. Everyone seems to enjoy the competitive but fun atmosphere, with the older players encouraging and mentoring younger ones - who often go on to beat their teachers!

Today's Puzzle

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 Can't find your game on ChessMicrobase?

Don't worry! We are restoring the 129 deleted games from backups shortly. Remember, for security reasons don't share your password with anyone. Check out the new games database links...


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 New to Chess?

A great site for learning the basics from a cool video, improving your chess with puzzles, and playing against QWERTY the chess computer, check out

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 Nigel Short Simul Album

Check out Sue Ryan's photos of the big night.



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50th Begonia Open Anniversary Video

50th Begonia Open Anniversary Book

We have compiled a book to commemorate the rich history of the tournament. If you would like a copy of the 50th Begonia History Book, you can order online now for $25 which includes postage.

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