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"If you can meet with Triumph and Disaster
And treat those two impostors just the same."
- .'IF' by Rudyard Kipling

2014 Club Programme
Coming Events & Latest News


Fletcher Morrow Ballarat Geelong Match

The Mechanics Institute will be the scene of the now annual Ballarat Geelong Friendly this year. The room will be the same room as in the 1925 tournament, six of the chess tables will be the same, and hopefully the results will be the same! Leave the first Sunday in August free for this historical event!



Club Championship: Winner takes all!

Thursday will see either Rob Bailey or Kevin Perrin as the 2014 Champion, unless there is a draw and a four way play-off; a result neither wish! All rounds 1 to 11 are written up. The second play-off for the reserves is on tonight between Tom Oppenheim and James Eyre who is one game up! more...


Club Championship rolls to an end, nearly

Patrick has been productive, proactive, prolific! See prologue and rounds 1 to 7 for write ups detailing your glorious conquests and valiant losses...more...


Ballarat Chess Club @ Chess Microbase

Get the log on details from Rob Loveband and input your own games! It's easy! It's fun! and it makes life easy for the Webmaster if you DIY!! Input move by move, copy and paste text files, pgn files, or import other formats. Sound confusing? Rob will walk you through it! Check it out here .more...


Chess Microbase Update

Since you last looked, these fascinating games have gone up for your perusal.
Hit the 'Analysis Engine' button for an instant appraisal of the position.
Boris Spassky (yes the one and only) vs Kevin Perrin! more...
Michael Schreenan vs Kevin Perrin 1-0 (BCCC2000) more...
Patrick Cook vs Joel Beggs (gotta see move 6!!) 0-1 (BCCC2009) more...
There are plenty more pearls to be found! and why not add your own? more...


Free Coaching Sessions!

Free coaching sessions will be held on the first Wednesday of every month (except January) in the library club room at 7p.m. Experienced coach Rob Bailey will help you improve your game. All ages, all abilities welcome!! See the Courier promotion and our information brochure. Next on 2nd July. Private coaching also available more...

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